My Writing

Here is some info on my current works-in-progress with temporary covers. Thanks for checking out my WIPs.

Women’s Fiction

100% Complete
3,400 of 3,400 words
Draft 2

Naked is a short story about Olivia, a single mother and an exotic performer struggling with a new relationship. For the last six months, she’s kept her relationship from her daughter and her profession from her lover, Isaac. But a last-minute call from a good friend in need of a performer for an important client sends Olivia’s life into chaos when all the dancers she knows are booked. Olivia agrees to one last performance but right before the performance, she runs into Isaac who works for the client Olivia will be performing for.


3% Complete
2,500 of 80,000 words
Draft 1

This currently Untitled story is still in its first draft. A 30-year-old woman with depression and anxiety learns of her with being mom’s betrayal when her mother falls ill and requests her help.  Due to her mother’s illness, she is reunited with her estranged sister and uncovers the true depths of her mother’s betrayal.

Draft 2

Don't Tell Me You Love Me
83% Complete
75,000 of 90,000 words
Draft 2

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me –  is a working title. The day Ivy checked into the hospital with severe pains, she hadn’t expected to walk out four days later without a baby, a husband, or a job. Struggling to put her life back together after her miscarriage, divorce, and layoff, she drags herself to class every morning until she bumps into an old friend from high school, Nikki. Nikki convinces her to go out little by little until Ivy discovers a few coping mechanisms to dull dark pain inside her: sex, booze, self-harm. But when Ivy bumps into her former best friend, the one she loved and betrayed, Jace, he forces her to deal with the shreds of her life, only he still wants to know why she picked her ex-husband over him.

First Draft

Basil & Love
100% Complete
65,000 of 65,000 words
Draft one completed

Basil & Love is about a twenty something woman who is unhappy with life. Riley introversion has made life difficult, especially as an adult but the one thing she looks forward to is coming home to cook dinner, binge watch Netflix and tend to her patio garden and by a garden, Riley means basil. As life trudges on, her basil plant withers between the extreme Las Vegas heat and Riley’s long working hours. Then one day her basil is thriving and sticky notes appear on the front door of her apartment